Our New Mission Call!


Our family that was in town to be with us when we were set apart by our Bishop for our mission

As soon as we moved back to Texas, my beautiful wife and I have received a call from our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, to serve a 2 year mission as the Managers of the Bishops Storehouse in Houston, Texas. We are so excited excited to serve as we feel like we are doing something that really helps people in a very tangible way. The Bishops Storehouse provides food and essentials to people that temporarily are unable to provide for themselves, for whatever reason. Plus it provides emrgency supplies to ship to areas of local emergency disasters such as huricanes, floods, earthquakes, civil unrest, etc. (tents, cots, first aid kits, chain saws, generators, etc...) It also provides humanitarian aide to other churches and civic groups for refugees, and the like.


And this is perfect for us, as with this assignment we are able to live in our own home nearby, remain with our family, continue to run our family business, and even take off to Montana for May and June during our Pony Farm foaling and breeding season (we have assistant managers called to help us keep the Storehouse managed when we're not there). We won't be able to take our grandkids to show our ponies at all the pony shows we have done in the past, but hopefully we'll be able to take them to some in June, while we're in Montana.   


The way this works is amazingly beneficial from all viewpoints. The Bishops, in each of their local Ward geographies, seek out families in need and visit with them to determine their needs, then sends specific orders for each family to the storehouse of the comodities we are to provide for them. In order to help the family to get back to self sufficiency, the Bishop helps them to seek employment or whatever is needed, and even provides them with opportunities to work now so they can earn the assistance they are receiving for themselves. Many of them are actually assigned to volunteer to help us serve in the Bishops Storehouse for a period of time. The Lord's way is such a wonderful way to help people to help themselves and others. And it is such a blessing to serve there and feel of the Lord's spirit and love as we help others with something they are temporarily unable to provide for themselves. Aren't we all in need of each other to help us in different ways?!