CH Shadow's Jubilee

CH Shadow's Jubilee

Barn Name: Jubilee
DOB: 5/24/2009

This well bred young mare, Jubilee, has turned out to be a wonderful riding pony. Sired by the same sire of our national grand champion halter and driving stallion, Rocky, she is bred for looks and performance. Her sire is also the sire of our driving mare, Channie. Jubilee is of good size and strength to perform any task for riding and last a young person many years before outgrowing her, as you can see in the videos below of how she easily handles an adult riding her in all terrain and at all gaits in training. 


Here is a video of Jubilee in training to ride at all gaits, stop, back, mount, & dismount:


Here is video of Jubilee in training to cross a creek and climb in all terrain:

 granddaughters Jana & Daphne riding Jubilee & Haley together: