CH Kit Carson

CH Kit Carson

Barn Name: Kit
DOB: 3/16/2012

Classic Colt


Kit has been started in driving, and has taken to it like the champion breeding we expected. He went right to work from the very 1st harnessing and ground drove like it was natural to him. By the 2nd time we harnessed him and ground drove him, he was ready and willing to be hitched to the cart and so we did, and started him real driving! We drove him all around his paddock and then around the arena and the yard at a walk and a trot. He was so willing, natural, and able to begin to put it all together with so little effort. We also set our granddaughter on him for the 1st time and he was a perfect gentleman for her to just stand there and get loved on by her.


This colt will make a very fine driving and show gelding, and a riding pony, for kids or adults, as he has the breeding, looks, gentle temperament, and people loving personality. As you look at his full pedigree, it is loaded all the way with the best of the best breeding of driving ponies, National Congress Champions, HOF, and Superior sires and dams! He has already settled into easy driving and handling as a true gentleman!


I have already now begun driving Kit in a pair with CH Texas Ranger (HOF) for training, and he is doing great. If we don't sell Kit sooner, I have a matching 3 year old gelding I want to train for a pair with Kit, then I want to include him in training for driving in a four in hand with another matched pair I am getting started. Then if that works, eventually I would like to train for 6 up, or 6 ponies in hand driving.