Wilk. War Bonnet

Wilk. War Bonnet

Barn Name: War Bonnet
DOB: 2/27/2004

This well bred pony, Wilk. War Bonnet, had already won his 5 Grand Champion Stallion awards, showing in halter before gelding him, all of the Grand Champions required for Hall Of Fame. His sire was not only Hall of Fame, but sired more Hall of Fame ponies than any other Shetland in the USA. And his full brother is also Hall of Fame, and a fantastic driving pony.


War Bonnett is now also a wonderful driving pony, as you can see, for you to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the drive, through all kinds of commotion or excitement, he drives on. He received the best training under the skilled hand of Tom O'Carroll, driving trainer extraordinair, who focuses on safety and style!


War Bonnet is very gentle, friendly,smart, and strong - all attributes that also make him an excellent riding mount for children, or even adults (I rode him to train him!). He stands perfectly still while you mount and waits for the command to go. Then he stops on whoa, and again stands still till you get off, or tell him to go again. He neck reins at the slightest easy touch, and is very gentle and quiet. We have even considered training this pony for kids who want to rope. He could do just about anything. If you are looking for a beautiful AND dependable driving pony for yourself and family drives, PLUS a mount for the kids, he's your pony.


See 2 videos below of War Bonnet being ridden by Carey for training