CSF Mickey Gilley (HOF)

CSF Mickey Gilley (HOF)

Barn Name: Mickey
DOB: 8/22/1996

When taking our youngest son's pony (our 1st pony) to get bred to Mickey's sire, we saw Mickey for the 1st time as a foal and fell in love with him! We bought him in early 1997 for Cheryl to learn how to show him, and the breeder helped Cheryl train Mickey and herself how to show. Everywhere Cheryl took Mickey, he was loved and admired, and won!


They became very good at halter obstacle, even winning 1998 Congress Halter Obstacle Champion and 1999 National All Star Halter Obstacle Champion, as well as 1998 or 99 Congress Owned and Shown by Amateur Champion Classic Stallion! Then we taught Mickey to jump, which he loved and was very good at, becoming the 2000 National All Star Champion Jumper in Hand!


Meanwhile, Carey and Mickey taught each other how to drive, and what an exciting adventure! We did very well together. Eventually, we ran out of time though for really showing and promoting, and sent Mickey out to a professional, Glen Russell of Single G Pony Farm, to polish his training and show and handle him for us in halter, jumping, and driving. He and his wife, Edie, brought Mickey to win the 2000 All Star Res. Champion Limit Classic Pleasure Driving. Thank you Glen & Edie!


We used Mickey for several years at stud, but eventually gelded him and retired him to Cheryl's driving pony. She now drives him in family trail drives with the grandkids, and has begun driving him in CDE matches (competition driving events), along with Carey driving a pair (Channie & Ellie). That has been great fun and a good family event. Carey also trained Mickey to ride and rode him. Over the years the grandkids have enjoyed riding Mickey at family gatherings.