CH Benjamin

CH Benjamin

Barn Name: Benny
DOB: 5/11/2014

This correct colt is good minded, beautiful, and well bred to drive! He also has been started in riding.


Benjamin (Benny) drives both singly and as a team in a pair with his beautifully matched gelding 1/2 brother, Issy (see his page here), and has been started in a hitch of 4 up as the lead team, as well as a 6 up hitch! He has real good ground manners, which is very importantant in hitching and driving multiple hitch teams, even though he is very spirited and showy. He stands still without being tied, while I brush him, pick up all four feet, harness and then hitch him to the cart. I then drive him like a gentleman, then drive him back into the barn to unhitch and remove the harness, again with him standing still without being tied. The pair now drives very well together as they work well in step, in perfect harmony to share in the load. See videos of them driving together in pairs, and 4 up, and 6 up hitches by clicking on their page together here: Benny & Issy 


 To get an idea of what he's likely to be like, take a look at his parents (sire and dam above) to see pictures of how beautiful they are driving, and their many accomplishments in the show ring and driving at the national level. I really like this colt.


Here is a video of Benny driving single:

 And here's another video to show Benny's ground manners unharnessing:

 And another to show ground maners harnessing: