CH Ali the Great

CH Ali the Great

Barn Name: Ali
DOB: 6/4/2016

As you can see in her sleek uncovered foal pictures, this Classic ASPC filly is a real looker with very upright carriage and style, has class, and a is a good minded sweetheart! She was born the night Muhommad Ali, the great boxer and athlete died, and I was so impressed with her we named her after him. A delight to be around, Ali is gentle, easy going, yet very upright, elegant, and "floats" when she trots. She will make a great show and driving pony for anybody, even youth. She has already started in driving, and drives very nice and easy going.She is gentle, kind, very willing, and easy to work with.

We have even been driving her in a team as a pair with another young mare, Passionate, as you can see in a video below. And now also in a team of 4 up (2 pairs, one in front of the other pair), also in a video below, Benny & Issy being the lead team, and Ali & Passionate being the wheel team.


Here is a short video of her as a 2 yr. old:


Here‘s a video of Ali learning to drive as a 2 yr old 5/18/2018:



Ali driven 3/29/2019 by Alex & 2 yr. old son, after just learning to drive 6 months ago.


Ali driving in a team pair of 2 (Ali & Wilk Passionate)


Ali driving in 4 up, 2 pairs


Ali & Passionate driving as swing team in 6-up hitch: